Monday, July 30, 2012

Maybe You...

"Whaling Wall"
Maybe you...

...have been to too many dinner parties lately, where guests seem excited about discussing what the Federal Reserve might do next.

...think it's strange that, when Mitt's handlers told him to visit the "Whaling Wall," he confessed to them that he had never liked Nantucket.

...wonder why, all of a sudden, Nixon and Carter have begun to look better after all these years.

...have been worrying that lobsters have become as plentiful as Sabrett weenies, polar bears now need to learn how to swim long distances between ice cubes, and why the new word for corn in Iowa-nese is "dust."

...have experienced a 401TKO, a roller-coaster EKG, a job search DOA, a tuition SOS, a rejection letter from AARP.

...have three generations of interns living in the same house and none of them went to medical school.
A Stack A Day...

Or perhaps you...

...have realized there are fifteen more weeks of presidential commercials, thirteen more days of Olympic coverage, only a matter of time before the next banking fiasco, and a lifetime filled with Kardashians.

...been thinking the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Aunt Jemima, Mother Goose, Mr. Clean, Betty Crocker, or  the other shooter on the grassy knoll could prevent your healthcare premiums from going uppity-up-up.

...have been taking an aspirin in the morning, a Lipitor at night, viagra in the evening, a double to make  you tight.

...have been perplexed, thinking Roger Clemens didn't, Monica wouldn't, Tom Cruise couldn't, Kim K shouldn't.

...wonder if there are really are no coincidences, if God actually does play dice with the universe, or if a stitch in time doesn't save nine after all.

The Intouchables
If any of these symptoms seem familiar to you, or might be happening to a friend or loved one, then do not wait  to pass Go, definitely use that Get Out of Jail Free card, even bypass Free Parking...

...and go see The Intouchables at a cinema near you. Now.

Maybe you...just need a break.

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