Friday, October 16, 2009

How Do you Know You're a RareBurgher?

You know that you're a RareBurgher, when you:
  • Think that a Cougar is a large cat or was a mediocre type of Mercury sedan.
  • You have Gen/Digital kids, but you are Gen/Gidgetal.
  • Believe that you will see a World Series day game on Fox some day.
  • Tried wearing jeans with your shirttail hanging out and running shoes to the office, but you just looked like your son on his way to high school.
  • Remember when you didn't know the name of a single model in the Vogues you secretly borrowed from your sister, but liked them anyway.
  • Were so insulted when they carded you at a ballgame that you entirely forgot to be insulted by having to pay $9 for a small cup of watery beer.
  • Realize that Ronald Reagan has finally become a centrist moderate Republican, while dead, compared to most living Republicans.
  • Bumped into a young guy who used to work for you, who thought you were dressed as Madmen character for Halloween, because you wore your favorite 15 year-old Italian black knit tie that comes to a point at its end.
  • Actually found old duck feathers in the zippered hip pouch of your Barbour Beaufort coat.
  • Consider that Brooks Brothers might have become JCrew, if it had been run by a guy named Mickey, but that they can't even really be Brooks Brothers anymore.
  • Think Vineyard Vines is where you shared a joint with Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks in Valley of the Moon, Sonoma, 1969.
  • Your style is original, not flash, and certainly not eccentric, and you're okay with being taken for a grown man and not a man trying to look like a boy.
  • Understand that a baseball cap and its cousins belong only at a ballgame.
  • Ditto for the chewing gum.
  • Have read to this point, understand, and still think you'll be okay.