Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm A City Boy

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I'm a city boy,                                          I like a triple-decker club                                          
I like city things.                                         with mayo at the diner,
Reading all day                                          rain on my glasses,
 on a rainy day,                                               sirens, taxis splashing
smelling the metallic                                     my cuffs, and bicyclists,
 rain through the screen                              who stop for nothing & no one.

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I like to miss                                             I'm a city boy
  my stop                                                   I like city things:
on the 6 train, half-                                    little mayors and
 on purpose, just to switch                           big diamond earrings
    over at the next stop                              in the shop windows
and head back downtown.                          along Madison.

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I'm a city boy,                                         I think it's fine
who likes city things,                                that MSG's in Chinatown
saving the morning                                   & on 33rd, but not at
paper to pretend                                       Madison Square, and
     it still came                                            there's no more Herald
in the afternoon,                                           in its Square (or anywhere)
checking the pitching                          or Times in its, or a Biltmore Clock
   match-ups                                                at a Biltmore or Penn Station
for the night's game                                       at the Old Penn Sta.
  at the new Sta.                                  or even newest (old Farley PO)

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I like the idea of a first -                             I'm a city boy,
  kiss at The Met, surrounded                    I like city things,
  by Pharaohs, Buddhas                             whether
 gods, Greek & Roman;                       they're still there
an Atlas, holding up                                   or not, whether I'm
 his world with just                                        there,
    the lips.                                                          or, not.