Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do Bronze Have More Fun?

Vroom? Hah!
Say you want some revolutions? A couple of weeks ago, I was stopped at a traffic light in Greenwich CT, Land of A Thousand Hedge Funds, in my red jeep, which I have driven since 1996, The Little Jeep That Could.

Stopped next to me on the right was a guy in a low-slung yellow Ferrari.

I revved my engines twice, mightily. The guy looked over. I revved the four-cylinder engine again.

Cracked the guy up.


"Glass" House
Talk about living in glass houses! In his retirement from banking, Mr. Sanford Weill has apparently decided to take up slapstick comedy. This week, in a tune up for his Vegas act, he opined that maybe creating Banking Super Malls, like his own CitiCorp, wasn't such a great idea after all. Having been in the front lines to smash the Glass-Steagell Act, in order to combine his own Travelers' Insurance with Citi, he now appears to be "clawing back" his position.

Did anyone on the Congressional Entertainment Committee listening to "Sandy" think to ask: "Based upon what amounts to your admission of total failure and ineptitude, do you have plans to return some of the many $millions you "made" as a result of merging all the small financial bits into one big unworkable hulk?"

Now that deserves a good laugh.

Listening to Weill say that we should re-re-do banking regulations is like listening to Babe Ruth claim that the home run was probably not such a good idea after all.


Really Bronze
Do Bronze have more fun? The last time that Olympic gold medals were made completely of gold was in 1912. Today's "gold" medals must be plated with at least 6 grams of gold. "Gold" medals are actually 92.5% silver.

Silver medals are also 92.5% silver.

Bronze medals are all bronze, which is to say, copper and tin.

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