Sunday, January 15, 2012


Resting In Peace

Are good listeners at a table-full of talkers.

Try to keep these three close-by: Wonder, Courage, Love.

Know that a winner may take all, but a champion learns the difference between the score and the game.

Weigh their words and avoid letting words get in the way.

Are often comfortable spending time alone, while preferring companionship to loneliness.

Appreciate Jobs's surfaces, but are in awe of Woz's depth.

Know that the general decline of our culture accelerated with the loss of privacy in our homes, offices, classrooms, and our lives.

Woz/Jobs First
Appreciate that the monarch butterfly has been adapting brilliantly for eons, flying thousands of miles south to rest in peace nearer the sun, while thunderous T-Rex rests in pieces.

Get that reading is one very enjoyable way to sit still and listen.

Season wood, hold and age the best wine to share, and save advice for its right moment.

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