Monday, January 23, 2012

RareBurghers' Exclusive: The Grate Debate

Mr. GoodTimeCharlie: Sky's the limit as far as I can see.

Mr. SkinFlint: No Sir, Nyet, No can do.

GoodTimeCharlie: Beg, Borrow, Steal; we only live once.

Ms. CheapSkate: You call that livin'?

GoodTimeCharlie: Bet The Ranch!

SkinFlint: Before They Foreclose?

Ms. Cheapskate: Over my dead body.

GTCharlie: That'd be my lucky day.

SkinFlint: Outsource, off-shore, privatize.

Mr. SpendPAC: Supply-side this.

Ms. CheapSkate: Never a borrower!

GoodTimeCharlie: Make mine a double!

Mr. SkinFlint: You had nine wives; I only had three.

GoodTimeCharlie: Yours were three times bigger than mine.

Ms. SixPAC I've got $5mill says you're weenies.

Mr.SpendPac: I'll see you and raise you five that you're a lying centrist.

GoodTimeCharlie: They kicked me out of Washington and I'm proud of it!

SkinFlint: I'm so far outside the Beltway, I'm wearin' suspenders!

Mr. BorrowFromPeter: Billion here, billion there. Big deal.

Ms. ToPayPaul: More like trillions!

GoodTimeCharlie: K-e--y-n-e-s. Keynes.

SkinFlint: K-e-n-y-a. Kenya.

GTC: Champagne!

CheapSkate: L'eau!

Mr. BorrowFromPeter: In God We Trust.

Ms. ToPayPaul: God don't feel the same way, Bub.

BFP: Too Big To Fail!

TPP: "...And Failure's No Success At All!"

GoodTimeCharlie: Let the good times roll.

SkinFlint: Yeah, a roll  of nickels.

GTC: How'd you get to be such a pain?

CheapSkate:  Since you made all the pills free!

GTC: Suffer the little children.

SkinFlint: And stick them with the bill.

GTC: Grow our way out.

PayAsYouGo: Right out of business.

SpendPAC: When will you say yes?

CheapSkate: When it really means no!

Moderator: We'd like to thank you all from the very, very bottom of our hearts.

Audience: Hey, where's our wallets and purses? We had 'em when we got here!


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