Friday, October 1, 2010

The Good, The Very Bad, The Ugly, And The Truly Wonderful

1.Sensitivity, Rhymes with Nativity
Earlier this week, in the hardware store, we saw the outdoor grill section being prepared for....Christmas lights. In September. This morning, upstairs in Costco, we saw tall rows of various Christmas/Holiday decorations and wrapping. October 1.
Must we do this? No. It is insulting and totally disrespectful to the various reasons for our celebrations. A RareBurgher would never buy this stuff now, and we would tell the manager to put it away. Retailers need the holidays more than ever, in order to reach their targets and pay the rents, but the best do it sensibly and with sensitivity.

2. October Classic
Major League Baseball, which may be a misnomer of major proportions, has scheduled the possible seventh game of the 2010 World Series for November 4. We worry about a lot of things beyond our control these days, but you might think that the geniuses who rule baseball just might be able to protect one single sacrosanct part of the game: October. Apparently, they cannot.
As it happens, we were present at the first November Series game in history in 2001 at The Stadium. Tino had homered to send it into extra innings and an extra month in that sad and unusual fall. We thought, at the time, that it would not be repeated ever again for many reasons. Jeter won the game with this swing. The world is an infinitely better place without November baseball.

3. Alls Wellies that Ends In Wellies
The northeast was hit with heavy rains and high winds this week, causing flooding, downed-trees, power outages and other inconveniences. But there was one wonderful thing about all of this wetness:
Women all around town in their Wellies! We bumped into a friend of ours in the grocery store this week and watched her leaving in her jeans, Wellies and Barbour. And, yes, she did get into her Land Rover, and, no, we did not think it looked like an "advert." We think she and all the girls looked great in every color, even pink, but we love the classic olive best. Wellies and rain are like baseball in October and Christmas at, well, Christmas time! Perfect.

4. Miracles Do Happen Even On TV
For many years TV audiences have been putting up with commercials that were many decibels louder than the regular shows, causing them to have to leave their own living rooms or reach for the remotes. Now, the Senate, yes that would be the mind-numbingly inept pre-Mid Term Election Senate of the US of A, is going to seek legislation to force TV stations to reduce the volume, according to the NY Post:

Could it be that we can all finally agree on something that is universally good for the country, good for Congress, good for your audio-health, which costs nothing and will make you feel much better? Please, let's not blow this opportunity; if we can do this, we really can do anything....


5. The Sartorialist
When we needed a photo to illustrate our "Wellies" report this week, we turned to our friends at The Sartorialist to see if they had any in stock. We had to go to press before they responded, but it reminded us of just what a great resource Glenn's photos can be for those who care about style:

Want to start the day with a smile on your face? Bookmark The Sartorialist, if you have not already done so. Here's a peek:

You're welcome.

Ed Note: What we've been reading/viewing/listening to:
-The Oslo detective novels of K.O.Dahl.... Superior.
- Clutch by Paul Sullivan
- The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet by David Mitchell
    ....the Dutch in Japan, 1800, odd, but worth the effort.
- Prime Suspect 1&2, Netflix
- Lost In Translation, Netflix
- A Day In The Life, Jeff Beck live:

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