Monday, September 13, 2010

What We Are Thnking About These Days

What's on a RareBurgher's mind?

....We want to see models, not actors or celebs, on magazine covers again, and we do not want to know the models' names.

....We do not listen to either Beck or Olbermann, Maddow or Palin. We listen to Bach and Mozart in the morning, Neil and Van in the afternoon, and Bud Powell in the evening.

....We think that, if the Creator had wanted to "brand" us, She/He would have made us Cheerios, Coke, or "Harvard."

....We listen to all this lame  talk about whether Federer or Laver was the best of all time and think of one word....Pancho!

We respect Jackie Robinson, but still understand that Willie Mays was the best ballplayer ever.

....We can deal with unemployment, dwindling stock portfolios, dim-witted recruiters, health issues, and the vagaries of residential real estate sales, but we draw the line when a friend describes it all as a "Metamorphosis." Please.

....We think that designers should take clothes and style more seriously than they take themselves.

....We do not want our shops, wardrobes, restaurants, food, stock portfolios, schools, weddings or funerals "curated." We want curators back inside the museums,  where they belong.


...We run when we hear the word "friend" used as a verb, and want to have lunch with those whom we would never demean by referring to them as part of our "network."

....We still read the Times, even though it has evolved into Newsweak.

....We want to remind the chattering classes that Lincoln got a lot more substance into two minutes with 194 words in his Address at Gettysburg, and not one of them was I, me, or mine.

....We wonder why all of these attractive young women insist on driving otherwise empty vehicles the size of small houses, like Yukon XL's and Denalis, across town to yoga class to purify their bodies and souls?


....We want to know why so many children of the financial elite cannot say "please" or "thank you" to the staff at their clubs or to shop-owners, who treat them with great courtesy?

....Watching two quarters of the new NFL's Transformer-like helmet-bashing, head-hunting, and chest-thumping game full of penalties reminds us that baseball is the superior game in every conceivable way.

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