Thursday, July 17, 2014

You Know You're a RareBurgher When You...


Have never taken a selfie. And never will.

Drive a vehicle that is older than Lorde. But you get offers for it regularly.

Are fine with a red to accompany the fish.

Realize that James Coburn wore seersucker too. And it makes you smile.

Are able  eat a baloney sandwich on white bread and not die.

Know that wearing a summer cotton or linen dress during the day says that you just get certain things that some will never get.

Realize that wearing a coat and tie when you don't "have to" commands immediate admiration.

Know that if the oysters require sauce, not to bother.

Don't need to hide the freckles.

Never sit inside the corporate box. You prefer your own seats, outside.
new Vans!

May wear a hat into the city, but never a cap, unless you're at the game.

May recall when Time was Time, Warner was Warner, AOL was AOL and the world was a much finer place.

Can leave home without your phone and survive all day. And even into the evening.

Prefer not to swim in a body of water containing anything more more than salt and fish.

Have monthly communications bills which cost more than your first car.
$100 raincoat / DG in Aix

Still get excited about a new pair of sneakers.

Believe that Amazon means a river.

Think that the only bad thing about the hotels you love are the airports between you and them.

Laugh when your $100 Lands End raincoat is mistaken for an Armani.

Continue to teach your children well, love the one your with, and carry on once in a while, despite the odds.

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