Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Messages

Some people keep things in drawers, others prefer shelves, attics, cellars or even safes. I keep so much stuff, according to certain members of my family, that I use all of those, but, mostly I keep "stuff" in a series of notebooks, begun more than twenty years ago.

Having just returned from a trip to our beloved Bahamian island of "Saint James" (name changed to protect its innocence), I spent this morning making finishing touches on one of the notebooks.

As Easter approaches, I wanted to share two entries with you.

One: Each morning on Saint James, I sit on the front porch watching the bay and the islanders walking to and fro. Some mornings, I get local news updates from Herman, my fisherman friend. I also read and write while rocking in a chair covered in many coats of white enamel.

On my first morning, I began reading "Narrow Road to the Interior" by perhaps the greatest Japanese haiku writer, Basho. The haiku at the end of the first chapter, which I copied into the notebook,  

Even this grass hut
may be transformed
into a doll's house.

The name of our house on Bay Street is ...Doll House.

Two: This morning, as I was pasting some loose items into the notebook and reviewing some older entries, I noticed a curious thing about my 2012 Opening Day Mets ticket, which had been printed on recycled copy paper:

please call me if you have any questions


Happy Easter.

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