Monday, August 20, 2012

RareBurghers Defined, Again

      ©2012twmcdermott                    RareBurghers...

TOMS, if only
...would wear espadrilles, if only they could.

...think it's time to face facts and simply forget about those wool suits in any weave in July & August in the city (we mean Manhattan), no matter what your business.

...trace the point at which it all started to come apart to the acceptance of Casual Fridays.

...think life is just fine with an active tuxedo in the closet and even better with two.

...get a little depressed when they realize they're the only ones wearing a tie at the party. But only for an instant.

...wonder, if things are really as bad as they say, why all the ones who think they're in charge are still taking vacations?

...aren't embarrassed to borrow their wives', daughters', or their girlfriends' Vogue, and actually know enough to wonder how long it will be before Sally Singer replaces Anna.

Aston Martin db
...Actually still use their turn signals as a courtesy to the driver behind them.

...say "you're welcome" and never "no problem," when someone thanks them for doing something.

...Weren't afraid to fail Political Correctness 101.

...wonder why all the fuss about a campaign between someone who takes himself entirely too seriously and another who hasn't taken himself seriously enough.

...prefer to hear "Have you finished?" to "Are you done?" while dining, even though, grammatically, both are correct. Don't even mention "Are you through?" to them.

...have no use for Ferraris or Maserati's. The Aston Martin db18: that's another matter. to drive around with the music turned off just to listen to the engine's tune.

...thinks it's just sensible to wear a wool sweater in the grocery store in midsummer, where it's as cold as the mountaintop at Stowe in winter.

...when asked if he could vote for a Mormon replies that he could vote for a Martian with a lisp if she/he/it could lead and inspire rather than merely manage and report.

...have noticed that, when we stopped dressing up for parties and began serving thick California Cabs at dinner, we began a slow decline of civilization and  talking too much about our children, their schools, their jobs, the "Fed,"  and taxes. Nothing a coat & tie and an '03 Bordeaux couldn't cure.

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