Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FactBook: Greece, Facebook, Chrysler


Number of Greek public sector employees                      750,000

Number of public sector layoffs planned for 2012             15,000
                                                                   by 2015           150,000

Current  official Greek unemployment rate                            19%

Amount of pending private sector loans to Greece      $171Billion

% of loans returning to banks                                                   100

% trickling down thru Greek economy                                        0

Arabic spelling of "Greece"                                            E-g-y-p-t        

Most important Greek export                                              Greeks


Number of reported Facebook (FB) users/friends            845 Million

Value of pending FB IPO                                            $75-100Billion

Actual annual FB profit                                                       $1Billion  

Reported value of FB COO Cheryl Sandberg's shares     $1.2Billion  

Most important FB product                                              Friends' info

% of  IPO proceeds reserved for each of FB's "Friends"                  0


Most talked about Super Bowl ad                                      "Chrysler"

Authorizer of 2008 $17.4B Chrysler bailout                  George W Bush

% of Chrysler now owned by Italian-based Fiat                       58%

Number of times Fiat name mentioned/shown in ad                    0

Considered most effective SB ad                                           Fiat

Nationality of Fiat model Catrinel Menghia                     Romanian

 The ads:      







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