Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday: Weather, Sports, Milestones


Weather: High Tide: on time, Low Tide: later
                 Sunrise: did,  Set: this evening
                 Moonrise: Up, Set: Game Time, Bronx

The Tamp Bay Rays, who actually play in St. Petersburgh, down to their last strike in bottom of ninth, pinch hit Dan Johnson, a .108 hitter, probably not even a household name of note in his own household.

The Yankees un-Mo, Cory Wade, with three bases empty, unleashes a...slow curve that hangs above home plate like a Shiny Brite on Christmas morning
for wide-eyed Dan, who uncorks a home run to right. A miracle.

Meanwhile, in Baltimore, the real Jonathan Papelbon, about to save the Sorry September Sox, with two-out, two-strikes and none on in the bottom of the Oriole ninth, provides two doubles and a single and there will be no Christmas Stockings for these Sox.

General Services Administration officials were thrilled to announce that they had only rented 500,000 sq ft. in World Trade Center Tower 1. They had been contemplating renting 1,000,000 sq ft. Phew! The building's owners and agents were also thrilled, since they did not want too many bureaucrats mixing with the likes of Conde Nast editors and other high-life tenants. GSA will pay a "bargain rate" of $50-something psf.

Apparently, nobody got around to asking why GSA bureaucrats needed to be in the building in the first place, or even on Manhattan Isle at all, since it is one of the most expensive places on earth. Why not Long Island City, or Brooklyn? Everyone moves to Brooklyn to save...except GSA. All the powers that be seem to think this is a wonderful idea, which is all the more reason to make them the powers that were.

       Little Red Jeep That Could
       Born: September 1996
       Nationalities: American (Chrysler) , German (Daimler), American     (Cerberus), Italian (Fiat)
                                           Milestone: 50,006, September 28, 2011

Grandfather Willy, LCI

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