Thursday, August 25, 2011

When The Whine Glass Runneth Over!

We know that these are challenging times and we do not deny that we are facing several critical national and international issues. The global economy does seem to be sputtering; the national GDP is barley growing; the Dow charts look like a diagram of the Coney Island Cyclone; and the popularity of Congressional and Presidential leadership is near an all time low. Healthcare has become a pejorative term.

BUT, perhaps the biggest problem of all is that we have become a nation of whiners. We hear enough whining in a week, even by relatively fortunate and prosperous people, to create a vast vintage Whine Cellar!

We say, "Enough already." There are some small but meaningful things that we can all do to make life a little bit easier right now.

1. B+. Being positive is not the same thing as being in denial about problems. Even if we do not have a specific solution, staying positive makes finding and/or recognizing solutions possible. Cost: zero. See Ed Note, below.

2. We live in the wealthiest country in the world; our annual GDP is $14.7 Trillion, and that does not really count the cash economy flying under the radar. Yes, the deficit is about 90% of one year's GDP. Get over it and go out and buy something, right now.

3.Want better healthcare? Go on a diet; we are huge. Big news (Really Big): you do not need a Constitutional Amendment, Congressional legislation, Tea Party Caucus, or an Executive Order to stop eating terrible food six times a day and to begin exercising. This med is free! Cutting back on meals buys your sneakers.

4. Want to be/feel better? Dress Better! The way many of us dress is indeed a national disgrace, but we can fix it without the government, MSNBC, or Fox telling us what to do and when to do it. A trip to any airport or DMV will demonstrate what we're talking about; we have become addicted to wearing gym shorts and tee shirts anywhere but in a gym, Jim (see#3, above)! Wear clothing that fits properly and makes you look smart, prosperous, energetic, positive....employable, and good things may happen. Cost: worth every penny and do not scrimp.

5.Be Courteous. This costs nothing and makes you and at least one other person feel better about things, even on bad days for both of you. We're not making this up. Use turn signals when driving; non-use of turn signals is epidemic. Also, what's up with hitting your horn one nano-second after a light turns green? Stop. And Ladies, it doesn't hurt for you to hold a door for someone once in a while. Cost: nothing.

6. Okay, so everyone wants better schools and has a theory about teachers, teachers' salaries, and teachers' pensions. Enough! Want to be smarter? Read, study. Harder, longer. Want your kids to be smarter? Help them read, study! While we're at it, why not put up signs at the entrances to your town saying, "We love our students and teachers!" If we can celebrate our football, lacrosse, and field hockey teams, don't you think we should celebrate school?! Cost of elevating our image of school and teachers? Nuttin', Honey.

You're Welcome.

Ed Note: The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation is a very worthy cause. Please be generous in giving and/or buy a B+ decal for your a reminder to B+

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