Thursday, July 7, 2011

Too Small To Fail: Real Things We Must Have

1. WD40: keep one in the toolbox, one in the kitchen, and one in the car.

2. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder: in medicine cabinet, travel kit, in suitcase.

3. Bayer aspirin: baby (chewable orange) and regular, in medicine cabinet, travel kit, glove compartment in place of the gloves.

  4. a stick shift: in the vehicle of your choice, except a Mercedes.    

5. safety matches: for lighting the newspaper to light the coals to heat the Weber to cook the rib-eyes.

6. a Weber charcoal kettle grill, 'nough said.

7. Hellman's Real: in the fridge, an extra in food closet.

8. Skippy: smooth, chunky, or both.

9. a letter or card, with a stamp, in the mailbox, to or from.

10. a swim in salt water.

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