Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More, You Know He's A RareBurgher When He....


Has a closet door filled with ties he likes and, despite current "fashion," wears them whenever he feels like it.

Is a sucker for a seersucker suit in summer in the city, in the country, or on the island, and is not afraid to wear one all the way through September.

Would never think about wearing a navy blazer with brass buttons to something called work, unless he happens to manage a private club.

Wouldn't even think about chewing gum ( unless sitting in a dugout or bullpen),  even when making a sudden, rapid descent into the airport at Kashgar, China.

Might have a row of ties, all of which have dots on them, and he might wear one of them every day for weeks or months.

Wears black laces in brown oxford shoes and vise versa once in a while.

May only have two ties that he always wears, a navy with stripe and a solid black or navy: both knitted- silk, made in Italy, one with a point, one squared.

....and He would never....

    Read his BlackBerry, while having lunch with his daughter.

    Wear a white shirt with a tan poplin suit.

    Wear a "poplin" suit with less than 60% cotton.

    Worry that his linen trousers or coat are wrinkled.

    Dry-clean the same suit more than twice a year.

    Wear a suit without a vent in its coat.

                                     "Dark Roast" ©2010 RareBurghers $175

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