Monday, March 1, 2010

Bumper Stickers We Would Like To See


RareBurghers are not into placing bumper sticker messages on their vehicles. Actually, most of us are not into vehicles very much at all, except as necessary life accessories. If anything, we tend to display signs from some of places that we love. But, since we've seen some particularly dumb fender messages recently, we decided to imagine what messages some RareBurghers might want to send, if they were so inclined:
  • "I have no idea what my child's marks or SAT scores are."
  • "I'd rather be right here, driving this old truck."
  • "Live Free. Or Diet." Alternate: "Live Free or Diapers."
  • "Honk if your horn's been disconnected."
  • "If your boss is a Carpenter, you are a Nailhead."
We're fairly sure that we'll see more of these soon; it's a good way to fill a slow Monday morning.


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